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Office Furniture

Office Décor

Choosing the right furniture for your office is often more complex that many people would think. Some of the aspects to consider include functionality, adaptability and image, but the most important factor is user comfort, both for employees and visitors, particularly when the staff member’s role includes sitting at a workstation for long periods of time. Employees who are not sitting correctly are not only vulnerable to low productivity, but also potential long term health problems. At Cubewing, we are more than aware of this and our range of office furniture in London combines the finest elements of design, comfort and functionality for all levels of work place furniture from office desking and general seating right through to executive furniture. We specialise in corporate furniture in London and across the UK, based on many years of experience in the furniture for businesses industry.

First Impressions

The often used saying, “First impressions count”, is particularly true in regard to business furniture. Whether you are greeting a potential client for the first time at a reception desk or interviewing a prospective employee at your conference table, the style and layout of your office will portray an image of your organisation. From the reception desk area through to meeting rooms and managerial and executive office furniture, it is important to create the right first impression. At Cubewing, we are committed to providing you with a range of quality furniture that not only meets your needs, but also provides the image that you wish to portray. As an example (perhaps a little far-fetched), if you have an embroidery company, steel and glass desks and mesh-backed chairs may look a little out of place, just as traditional furniture would give the wrong impression for a company involved in research. Cubewing can help you make a first impression that really counts.

Our client base is extremely varied – we do not specialise in one particular style of office furniture for one particular niche or industry. Our recent client list includes companies as diverse as Magistrates Courts to international fashion designers and from advertising agencies to barristers’ chambers. Our furniture ranges include not only general desking and seating and bench desking, but also a multitude of other office essentials such as reception furniture, boardroom tables, executive desking, including glass desking and meeting tables. Our experience means that we can help you to create the perfect working environment for both staff and clients and make your office space stand out in terms of design, comfort and function. With two office furniture showrooms in Central London as well as furniture showrooms in Guildford and the West Midlands, Cubewing are here to help your business with it’s furniture requirements.

Why pick Cubewing?

Choosing the right layout and style of furniture for your office can be a difficult set of decisions to make. The nature of business has changed significantly in recent years, and it is often essential that your new furniture will be able to accommodate the ever increasing variety of technology that is available. 21st century technology needs 21st century furniture. Gone are the days when the boss would pick up the phone and order a few desks or chairs, often putting the price of the furniture first without considering the quality, the style of the effectiveness of the desk or chair. Business people of today are becoming more and more aware that the type of office furniture used in the work space often reflects the type of employees and prospective clients that a business attracts.

Whether you are replacing an old office workstation, refurnishing your existing offices, or moving to completely new premises, Cubewing Systems has the right solution for you. Some of our competitors may claim to be experts in the supply and installation of business furniture, but many would rather sell the furniture that is best for them, rather then the furniture which is best for you, and few can compete with the experience and expertise that we are able to offer. Cubewing have always been specialists in the business furniture industry, since we were founded in 1987, and we continue to offer the same high levels of service and satisfaction that we have since we were established.

‘Cubewing – where functionality and design meet the ultimate in quality.’