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Design & Planning

Why Cubewing

Why Cubewing?
At Cubewing Systems, we are specialists in the office furniture industry and we use our expertise to provide you with new office furniture which we know will meet your specific requirements, rather than trying to sell you one particular range of furniture. This gives us the flexibility to specify the office furniture that will work best for you. With smart planning, your business can have a space that will work for years to come.

Smart Planning

Smart Planning
Space planning is the ability to transform a tight, cramped office into a well organised workplace. We not only consider your company as it is now, but take into account your growth plans and the future needs of your business and IT infrastructure.

With a bit of smart planning now, you can ensure that your business has space to grow into in the years to come without the upheaval of an expensive office move.


Our in-house team are office design experts with many years of experience in office design projects. We have helped to create well designed offices for companies with a handful of desks to those with workstations for hundreds of people.

We know that a great workplace is one where your staff feel comfortable and productive, so we create cost effective office designs that are tailored to your business. However, when it comes to office space planning, choosing your new furniture is just the first step to creating a layout for a well designed, efficient office.

Designing your space
When you are considering the new design of your office space, smart planning is key, whether you need a single desk or a complete multi-staff office redesign or you are moving to new offices.

We use the latest CAD technology to take into account peoples’ individual needs and space requirements.

CAD Office Design

CAD Office Design

We can prepare 2D and 3D space plan layouts to help you decide the most efficient and cost effective design for your office, and because this is done by our own in-house team, we can adapt the plans to meet your requirements quickly and without fuss.

Our free, no obligation design and planning service will help you if you

  1. want to make better use of your existing office space;
  2. want to plan your layout for a completely new office;
  3. want to incorporate new ways of working;
  4. want to increase user flexibility around your working space.
Modern Office Designs

Modern Office Designs

By using our experience, we will help you to create

  1. a stylish office layout that will meet your budget;
  2. a working environment that will enhance your existing working practices;
  3. a working space that will accommodate your storage needs;
  4. a planned office that encourages communication among your employees

Where do I start?
We understand that sometime you just donít know where to start, which is why we welcome you to visit our showrooms so you can get an idea of the office furniture we are able to offer.

Cubewing’s space designers have been designing office interiors since the 1980s, and are experienced in transforming offices into a space where people are comfortable, happy and motivated – we know that a well designed office interior can increase the productivity of your staff and boost your business’ efficiency.

As office designers we are also happy to offer a full space breakdown for each person based on their individual needs – by doing this, you may find that you can make better use of the space that you currently occupy.

Some examples of recent installations are shown in the images below – after viewing these images, please use the back button in your browser to return to the previous page.

Things to consider
Selecting your office furniture requires more thought and attention to space planning than most people would think.

There are many aspects to consider including the function and suitability of the furniture, access to facilities (such as copiers or storage areas), your IT infrastructure and how you can make sure that this is integrated into your furniture, and whether the office furniture fits the company’s particular profile as well as break out areas. However, the most important factor is the comfort of the employees and visitors to the office.

Productive Office

Productive Office

If you are the in charge of planning your company’s office space and you want your colleagues to be at their most productive and the job involves sitting at a desk for long periods, comfort must be your main priority. Workers who are seated incorrectly are not only susceptible to a lack of productivity but also potential long term health problems.

Workers who have a well-designed office space will be more productive than those who feel ‘crammed in’ to their workspace, so you need to factor in not just a working space but other facilities such as break out areas, meeting areas, and areas for both private work and for team work and collaboration on projects.

At Cubewing we are very aware of these factors and our ranges of office furniture combine the finest elements of design, comfort and functionality for all of our furniture ranges, from general office desks, bench desk and task seating right up to furniture for senior executive and boardroom/meeting areas.

We are specialists in our field for office furniture in London, and across the UK and our design team are amongst the leaders in their field.

Call us now on 01322 423500 to discuss how we can help you, or use our contact form here



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Design and Planning

We can prepare 2D and 3D layouts to create the most effective design and help you make the most of your budget.