Versatile, Flexible, Adjustable working spaces; sit or stand desks. These desks are also suitable for wheelchair users so they are ideal for DDA complaint offices.

We offer several variations of height adjustable desks, to suit all budgets.

  • 1. Desks with height settable frames, where the height of the desk may be changed by different pre-set heights in the frames.
  • 2. Manually height adjustable desks, where a ‘crank handle’ mechanism is used to set the height of the desk.
  • 3. Electronically height adjustable desks, where motors raise and lower the working surface to the preferred working height.
  • 4. Gas Strut height adjustable desks, where the height of the desk is set by unlocking a release-lever and adjusting the height of the workstation quickly and silently with fingertip pressure.
  • Metal frames are available in a choice of finishes.
Height Adjustable Desk – With Fingertip control

Height Adjustable Desk – With Fingertip control

Desks Suitable for Wheelchair Users

Standard desks are rarely suitable for wheelchair users. There needs to be plenty of clearance for a wheelchair users knees as well as enough width for a wheelchair to be manoeuvred. The precise sizes needed will vary depending on the size of the person and their particular wheelchair, however, there are some standards. Wheelchair users require a desk height range of 69cm to 87cm and a minimum depth of 48cm. The minimum desk width should be 76cm.

Our range of height adjustable desks is ideal for wheelchair users. They have plenty of width so a wheelchair user can turn in place to talk to colleagues or clients. The adjustable height means that the workspace can be customised to the wheelchair user or easily changed within a working day for different users who may be in a different wheelchair, not need a wheelchair or want to work standing. There is a range of adjustment mechanisms allowing anyone to adjust the desk height with ease.

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